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Ssssssooooooooo siked!!!!!!!!

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I am so siked!!! I just bought all my ingredants for my first two weeks on the HCG!!! I got my food scale, spinach, lettuce, stevea, B-12 drops, chicken breast, tulpia, ground beef (93/7), ground turkey, and two types of steak, apples (fuji), strawberries, oranges, broccolli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, green tea, shrimp ( jumbo), chicken tenders, basil, oregano, sea salt, Irovy body wash, baby oil, 3 packs of 32 bottles of water, organic chicken broth (No Sugar or Carbs low sodium), cinnamon, extra virgin olive oil. I think Im all set for the next two weeks...lol I didnt get to eat lunch today I hope this doesnt throw off my game but I ate dnner, Grilled chicken breast, romanie lettuce and 5 strawberries with a side of water..lol Tomorrow I will be ready I wont skip anything for the next two weeks. Oh and ofcourse I took all my drops today!!! Cant wait to get on the scales tomorrow!! I've gained but I have lost in inches!!! I didnt gain much but hey Im getting the hang of it. I can even fit in my old jeans from months ago!!!! I did my work out riding the bike for forty minutes and Im ready for more. But I wont over do it since I skipped lunch on day 1 of the 500 cal diet but thats because I couldnt go shopping before but now I have enough. YEAH ME!!! GIRL POWER!!!!

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