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Ended P2 in the Best and the Worst of Ways

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I started my first hCG journey September 1st, 2017 with injections from Nu Image (46 day round.) Struggled for the first few days to find my proper dose and not be hungry. 125iu seemed to be my sweet spot, although as I was nearing the end of my round did experience a bit of hunger without bothering to readjust my dose.

I took measurements from most major parts of my body, but so far have only taken final measurements from the below:

SW: 203
LIW: 173.8

Waist: 34.5" > 31"
L Thigh: 26" > 23"
R Thigh: 26" > 23"
Bum: 45.5" > 42.5"

Overall it appears that I lost about 3.5" from most areas measured, which is a pretty amazing (and unexpected) accomplishment.

My LIW was calculated Monday 10/16/17 at 173.8 (although by Tuesday this had already dropped to 173.0). However the fun doesn't stop there. The last week on hCG just didn't agree with me. I was tired and bored of eating chicken, and was desperately craving food.

Over the course of my last week I didn't stick to protocol and ended up consuming sugar here and there, diary, cheese, off protocol meats and veggies among other no no's. My calories per day weren't significantly high, but they were higher and fattier than allowed on P2.

While I had some major accomplishments throughout my journey, I'm pretty disappointed in myself that I wasn't able to stick it out for one more week.

All that to say today is my "first" P3 day and I've gone from LIW of 173.8 to 177. I incorrectly assumed that because I was aware of where the weight came from that a steak day wasn't appropriate, and had already consumed eggs and cheese instead of fasting, although did finish my day with a steak. Hoping that some of my higher protein choices will aid in getting me a bit closer to my original LIW.

Here's to those who were able to put on their adulting-pants and finish a long round. My hat is off to you.

Photo on 9-1-17 at 9.58 AM #4.jpg
Photo on 10-17-17 at 10.06 AM.jpg
Photo on 9-1-17 at 9.58 AM #3 2.jpg
Photo on 10-17-17 at 10.01 AM #5.jpg

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