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Week 2

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Started 2-27. Woke up a little discourage this morning. Tough weekend but I stuck it out and lost a big fat 0 this morning.. I'm in shock I was averaging around a 1.4 lbs a day then it was a half a pound a day, now this. I get all my water in and I'm not cheating. Maybe this is normal. I'm going to keep on swimming, swimming swimming which is really how I feel with all this water , I use Stevia all day, Maybe thats my problem.

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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    In the second week, most stall...........this is very normal. You lost a lot of weight so your body is just catching up. Keep doing what you are doing. My stalls always lasted for 6 days both rounds. I just kept sticking to protocol and it would finally move. you are losing inches and reshaping during this time so, even though your scale says zero, you are really losing inches and reshaping. Keep up the great work! Know that the only place to go is down on the scale.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    It is pretty normal, like Abinco said above. With all that swimming (I assume you mean you swim literally, not just figuratively), you are going to end up one lean little cookie! Good for you. Don't get discouraged, the scales will move downward again.
  3. uvraes's Avatar
    Thanks for the pep talk I really needed it. As for the swimming Dubbles I was refering to Dorey on Finding Nemo Not stopping, no giving up just keep swimming , Seem like a great fit with all this water.Thanks again