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Loading days Vlcdp from tomorrow

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Started last week but cheated on and off. Realised that I need to load properly and take multivitamins to stick to protocol. Loaded today. Start again on P2 tomorrow. Blogging here to keep myself honest. I'm going to write everything down. This round doing vegetarian not vegan. Not sure what to eat for protein other than egg. Protein powder and cottage cheese. I've read should only have these 3 times per week. I don't want soy as I have thyroid probs. I'm going to make vegie broth and ginger tea. I'm actually quite worried about weight gain and also maintaining weight after the protocol. Ive already lost 15 kg in the past year just by walking and eating high carb low fat. I used to eat low carb high fat before I burnt my adrenals out and got hashimotos. I'm going to have Epsom salt baths to get more magnesium in and also take psyllium husks twice a day.

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