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  1. Weights gain loading

    Loaded last 2 days. Gained 0.8 kg
    Current weight 62.6
    Goal weight 53 kg

    I would love to lose 20 lb/ 10 kg this round, not sure if my body will let me. Fingers crossed.

    I'm 163 cm tall
    Bmi healthy weight range but dea scan showed 46.8 % body fat (obese)
    Hope I don't lose too much muscle doing this round
    Will continue walking 10000 steps per day
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  2. Supplements on this round

    I'm going to take some supplements on this round to see if they make a difference. Im taking diamaceous earth ( good silica and kills parasites), spirulina powder, b12, vit c, horseradish and garlic tabs. Bowel cleanse tablets ( Chinese herbs), oxy cleanse ( small dose). I'm also waiting for an enema kit to arrive so I can do coffee enema once a week or so. ( look up dr jensen). I'm studying herbalism at the moment so I'm a good experiment. My energy is average today. I'm going to have a few green ...
  3. Vlcd day 1 P2

    Day 1. Been watching Robyn Woodall (weight loss apocalypse) on YouTube. I realise I have a lot of emotional eating issues and doing this protocol will not fix this part of my weight loss challenge for me. What it will do is give me the opportunity to reset my lepton and lose some weight and then have the opportunity to practice eating to hunger scale. Day 1 , so far so good. I am having my coffee with milk. Although it's more than 1 tbsp. it's more like 3. Do people find that that is usually ok?. ...
  4. Loading days Vlcdp from tomorrow

    Started last week but cheated on and off. Realised that I need to load properly and take multivitamins to stick to protocol. Loaded today. Start again on P2 tomorrow. Blogging here to keep myself honest. I'm going to write everything down. This round doing vegetarian not vegan. Not sure what to eat for protein other than egg. Protein powder and cottage cheese. I've read should only have these 3 times per week. I don't want soy as I have thyroid probs. I'm going to make vegie broth and ginger tea. ...