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1st Day VLCD

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Basically posting for myself, but anyone can read along. A real good day considering this was VLCD1. Weighed in and only gained 1.6 lbs from the second day load. Man that was fun! So overall, up 2 lbs. and I'm telling you. I really chowed down on all sorts of usually off limits food.
A work day today. So, made an extra effort to keep up with the water situation. Which is always a challenge when working outside the entire day.
Am - 2 cups coffee / chocolate stevia
Snack- strawberries/ stevia/cinnamon
Lunch- Chicken and 2 cups raw arugula with 2 tbsp Walden Farms Mustard Dressing. Dash of ACV and Braggs.
Snack - 1 cup of coffee
Dinner-shrimp with 2 cups chopped spinach, red chile pepper seasoning, lemon juice, Braggs, garlic and onion powder. Made into a most satisfying soup. Actually feeling full right after this soup.
Snack - apple
177.4 Start
177.8 LD1 (+.4)
179.4 LD2 (+1.6)
Off to a brilliant start!

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  1. Lisak's Avatar
    Hi, you are a few days ahead of me. I finished my first load day today and feel awful!! It was fun eating that parfait though!! Good luck and I'll be checking back. My blog is mainly to keep me accountable.
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    Glad to cyber meet you. Same here for the accountability thing. The dogs certainly don't give a woof, in fact it severely limits any chance of them having a shot at begging. My S.O, he is very supportive, but also very forgiving. So, I need to govern myself. Hang in there, that full feeling will disappear sometime tomorrow!
  3. mrssavage2005's Avatar
    Hey, Good job! I'm on the same day as you, so I thought I'd stop and say Hi! I felt full today, and found it easy to drink my water. So, Wahooooo, off to a good start! Thanks for posting, keep it up!
  4. Vineeta's Avatar
    Thanks for stopping by. It's good to have a cyber buddy or two for this undertaking.