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P3 mia

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Went missing in action for a while, but missed my blog buddies. I've just been way busy with life. Fix r upper house and scoring some great finds for it on craigslist (cabinets, counter tops, etc.)

I think I'm into day 11 or so this round of P3. Nothing much to report, staying within the 2 pound limit. I've not had to do a correction day. One day I was even .3 over the limit and my body just self corrected the next day. I think there may have been something with sugar in it that I had eaten at a dinner gathering (salsa or salad dressing?) Even imbibed in a few alcoholic beverages. Other than that, I've been slowly adding in nuts, fats, a few different veggies. Adding in fruits, but still never more than 2-3 servings a day. Almost always enjoy a snack of double Jay Robb Shake every day with lactose free milk and fruit. I'm not counting calories this time and listening to my body.
I'm going to try some fresh beets today. High carb, but one of my favorites.

Still haven't got into an exercise routine, but I'm way more active outside taking care of plants at the nursery. Like 3 hours daily of walking around and watering. It is my form of evening meditation. So peaceful after closing hours and after sunset. Still teaching yoga and basically life is very gentle.

Bliss out.

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  1. SBerkeland's Avatar
    Vineeta, I'm so happy to read your blog and see how you are doing! I'm also so happy for you that P3 is going well! I've read a lot of people not counting calories and just listening to their bodies, and they seem to be the less obsessed in P3 . It's something I am considering at the end of this round. . .

    Congrats on your continued success and for rocking hcg!
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Hi vineeta! I love that last part " basically life is very gently"!! That is my new motto, aiming for a gentle life. Sounds like listening to your body is the way to go. I know once i did that, my phase3 went really well. Todays my first day on ph4, and i'm under LdW....kinda want to lose 5more lbs....wish I could come and help you water plants, sounds so peaceful! xo