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Just another Phase I'm going through P4

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Okay. Starting P4 today. Stabilized great this time. But, I have not really ventured into any non P3 foods. First day of P4 and I'm down .8 from my LIW. Summer is always a busy schedule and I'm much, much more physically active. However I do tend to get into a funk because of the extreme heat. Other people get blue during the winter, well for me, it's summer and the oppressive heat. And, it's not even extreme as it gets here yet.
Time to think about starting an exercise routine. Not sure what I will be doing along those lines, something active, but not abusive to the joints and my beat up body parts. Off to a yoga workshop this afternoon with my yoga mentor. Gotta keep those continuing education hours active. The great thing about it is that nobody really tracks these things very closely and you can use another yoga instructor for the hours. It's also one of my most favorite things to do.

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  1. julief's Avatar
    Heya Vin
    Glad things are going good for you)
    I am afraid not to eat any carbs, because I don't want to get even more carb sensitive. So I have been eating out once a week (having one piece of resturaunt bread and potatoes pasta or shells with my plate) for a early lunch, and have eaten 1 piece of eziekiel bread and a half apple a day..It has been working..I have fluctuated some, but never 2 pounds over. I wasn't going to do carbs at all, but the horror stories of people becoming even more sensitive scared me from that idea. I tend to gain .8 to 1 pound from a meal out. And then I eat high protein the next day like today, and am fine. Today I am trying a different high protein day though..I had full fat fage for breakfast and snack and steak for lunch and chicken for dinner..I might not lose, because I have felt full the whole day.

    Not sure if Zumba is too joint intensive, but it sees to be fun, and people love it. I am starting Zumba this week..If I get the nerve up. I get nervous in big crowd es. Its kinda difficult to fit in though, because me and my family work out 3-4 times a week on weights too. and on the other nights 2 of my sons have Karate that I have to take them to. Want to try and fit it in though. Seems fun. I used to take belly dance lessons..I am not great at it though..My hips just don't do that
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    I was thinking about Zumba. There is a class at the center where I teach yoga. The thing that holds me back is driving across town. Almost everything is at least a 30 minute drive from where I live. Perhaps I just need to bite the bullet and hit the road!