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R2P2 What day is it?

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Down another .8 pounds. Steady as she goes. Hope to be in the 140's by the end of the week. Patience is not MY virtue, but I should cultivate it. Perhaps I'll distract myself with working on my fix r upper house (a.k.a. the money pit.)
I had no idea it would need new plumbing, some electrical and I'm not even going to mention the landscaping projects. Removal of junk from the property, etc. I guess I likes me a good challenge. Perhaps I'll dig into a big fat steak today too!

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  1. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    Eat one for me too! I'm flagellating myself over my weight gain. Hopefully, I'll be able to check in here by the end of the week and see how you are progressing. Have an awesome week!
  2. julief's Avatar
    Grats on the loss Vineeta..You sound really busy. Hope you have a lovely day