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Thoughts on R2P2 weight training

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Overall, I can say I really do enjoy eating clean. Hunger has not been much of an issue for me so far this round. The losses do seem slower, or else I'm just way more impatient. I may need to ditch my mornin' splash of milk in my coffee to see if that does indeed make any difference in the rate of loss. If it does, then that would indicate that I'm totally sensitive to carbs and dairy (even lactose free!). The thought of two more weeks of P2 to lose 6.8 pounds makes me wanna spit fire. I realize that as we age, we lose muscle mass and I've always loathed weight training. I'm a die hard yoga gal, that's probably not going to change after all this time. Any recommendations for a fun, but mellow weight training routine?

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  1. Lisa978110's Avatar
    I am a big fan of mini trampolines. They get your juices flowing.
  2. Grammie50's Avatar
    I love the bodypump class! If left to weight train on my own I don't do so well. Hopefully your local gym has the classes. It works every body part, it is a class to music. Love it!
  3. Vineeta's Avatar
    Oh yeah, forgot about the mini tramp. That is fun.
    Probably not going to the gym. It's a haul from my house and the music is always so deafening loud in the classes.