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R2P2D9 The HCG Crawl

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Still creeping along here in round two (ding). Have been losing, but at a snails pace. I can't complain too much as I am not willing to give up my milk in my morning coffees (2 oz total). I also tend to throw in an extra ounce or two of protein each day. I am able to function at a much higher level with extra protein. So, it's been losses like .2, .2, .4, .6
At this rate it seems to take forever for a 10 pound loss. Well, the average rate of loss appears to be staying in line with my 1st round at .7 a day.
Made a big score on CraigsList yesterday for my fix r upper (a.k.a. money pit home.) Got a great deal on a ton of new kitchen cabinets and sink. Let the work begin... or continue.

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    Congrats on the score...luv Craigslist
    The slow losses sound very healthy. Funny how our bodies all work in their 'own' time.
    Have a great day.
  2. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Yup, protein wins everytime.

    I am so afraid of super duper turtle slow losses in R2, I'm thinking about only weighing ONCE a week. That way I don't feel defeated every morning when I don't see a number I think I deserve. After reading others roller coaster ride and experiencing my own, I am not sure I want to put myself thru that again. How would I get thru it when I've lost nearly 30 pounds and feel good? Pre Round 1, I was NOT happy w/ myself and felt horrible. Now I'm feeling like my old self and another round full of ups and downs will not be good for my mental state or my relationship.

    Could you imagine getting on the scale every week and seeing losses in the pounds? Instead of .2 here, .4 there, and ZERO gains?
    My mind is not yet in the R2 game yet (obviously), I need to enjoy P4 first.