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  1. VLCD12 Thumbs UP

    Glorious grey, cloudy morning in the desert.
    Weigh in this morning and I could not believe what I saw. So much so, that I actually went back into reweigh myself five minutes after the first weigh in. A drop of 1.8 lbs. I said to myself... for real? It's some incentive to stay on the straight and narrow, that is.
    I'm enjoying reading all the blogs here and picking up tips and tricks, struggles and triumphs.
    Researching a little about Phase 3 and 4. Taking a look at information ...
  2. VLCD11 Mixed Bag

    Started off my morning trying to finish up my tax return. Talk about giving yourself a headache without much effort. Think I have those suckers nailed though.
    So day 11 and another small loss. Better yet the BMI is 24.9. I just love seeing that number drop even more than the pounds. Maybe because it's a two digit rather than a three digit number to begin with!
    Salads are good. Still rotating foods and fruits. Not really feeling too much hunger lately. So drops must be at the right ...
  3. VLCD10 slow and steady

    For a late lunch, a wonderful salad of chopped apple, tomato, chicken breast and one chopped green onion. Topped it off with apple cider vinegar dressing made with a tbsp. of yellow mustard, Mrs. Dash Salt Free Herb and onion seasoning.
    Another great salad right now, with some crab and raw spinach, seasoned with lots of friendly spices. Then on to an orange.
    Mondays are always so busy. I teach a hatha yoga class for seniors in the morning. Then run errands, then work on my torch (I ...
  4. VLCD9 What a trip

    So here I sit at the end of VLCD9. Down 7.4 lbs overall. Even all the water drinking seems to get easier. I've sort of figured out that it is easier for me if I get 2 large glasses of water down first thing in the morning and then pace the drinking.
    I can honestly say that I am enjoying eating the P2 foods. I've always loved veggies, not so much of a fruit gal. But I do eat the fruit to stay on protocol. Much rather would have more veggies than fruit.
    I find that I'm not enjoying ...
  5. Vlcd7

    Whew wow up to a .2 lb gain. No sweat in the long run I suppose. Just not certain what caused it. Perhaps a steak and cabbage combo with maybe too much salt. Or even eating too late. Mother Nature? At any rate, I'm sticking to the plan to a T.
    Somewhat challenging day today as I was in a class all day melting glass on a torch. At my fruit for breakfast and lunch and now having a nice chicken spinach salad. Later with a snack of celery. Still at 500 Kcal. And at least one more large water ...
  6. Vlcd6

    Going into VLCD6 and I'm down 6 pounds (plus down 4 pounds from the load days.) I am hungry, so I think I need to fiddle a bit with the drop count. My schedule is also very erratic, so I find it hard to eat at regular intervals. Note to self: Remember that celery and lemon juice are your friends.
    Still a whiner about all the bathroom breaks. The only good thing about that is getting some exercise walking about 2 acres to get to the powder room at work!
    Happy melting!
  7. Vlcd4

    Woke up to 1.4 lb losses both yesterday and today. Thumbs up. But I must say I was hungry late yesterday. We went to see the Beatles LOVE show for my 50th. Awesome show! But, the popcorn smell was making me very hungry. When I came home after, I had some grapefruit. Then still hungry, so a few stalks of celery. I have not been having the grissini sticks or the melba toast. I've been wanting to experiment with grain free and see what that feels like, So, this is the time to try it. My work schedule ...
  8. Vlcd2

    When meal time rolls around, I'd say I'm hungry. But, not so much that I'm suffering. So, morning weigh in was down .8 lbs. Still loving life so far. The most difficult part is getting someone to cover my post at work to take a tinkle from all that water drinking.
    Menu today:
    Chicken breast
  9. 1st Day VLCD

    Basically posting for myself, but anyone can read along. A real good day considering this was VLCD1. Weighed in and only gained 1.6 lbs from the second day load. Man that was fun! So overall, up 2 lbs. and I'm telling you. I really chowed down on all sorts of usually off limits food.
    A work day today. So, made an extra effort to keep up with the water situation. Which is always a challenge when working outside the entire day.
    Am - 2 cups coffee / chocolate stevia
  10. March 2011 Loaders

    Quote Originally Posted by Vineeta View Post
    1st time loading yesterday and today. Pretty intense stuff! Gained .4 Lbs Load Day 1. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings and I'm excited to get going! Doing Hhcg pellets.
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