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VLCD10 slow and steady

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For a late lunch, a wonderful salad of chopped apple, tomato, chicken breast and one chopped green onion. Topped it off with apple cider vinegar dressing made with a tbsp. of yellow mustard, Mrs. Dash Salt Free Herb and onion seasoning.
Another great salad right now, with some crab and raw spinach, seasoned with lots of friendly spices. Then on to an orange.
Mondays are always so busy. I teach a hatha yoga class for seniors in the morning. Then run errands, then work on my torch (I make glass beads.) Next thing I know, it's late evening and already dark.
But seriously, this is the first day that I've found it hard to get in all my allotted food. Pretty good on the water, maybe just a bit short on my quota. I'm continuing with no milk or wheat. I can't digest dairy without tons of enzymes and now I'm thinking that I unknowingly also have had a sensitivity to grains for some time, but just wasn't aware of it. Feeling really good overall.
Woke up to a .4 lb loss this morning. I hope this steady pace continues. Don't care if it's not a pound a day as long as it's not a gain. Good grazin' to ya.

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  1. Forgiven's Avatar
    It sounds like you're doing great! Remember, slow and steady wins the race. I used to love all those stories in school. Oh, and thanks for the recipes. Especially the first dressing you mentioned. I'm going to try it today!