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VLCD11 Mixed Bag

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Started off my morning trying to finish up my tax return. Talk about giving yourself a headache without much effort. Think I have those suckers nailed though.
So day 11 and another small loss. Better yet the BMI is 24.9. I just love seeing that number drop even more than the pounds. Maybe because it's a two digit rather than a three digit number to begin with!
Salads are good. Still rotating foods and fruits. Not really feeling too much hunger lately. So drops must be at the right dose. I am tired this evening, but I think it's from work. I work at a plant nursery and I'm running around this time of year because it's busy. Watering plants, selling things, trying to get office stuff done. Filing, reports, etc. The good thing is I mostly meet all types of interesting people from every walk of life and location. But, it's a fairly active job and hard to keep the water intake up when busy. So that's it for now folks. Stay tuned.

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  1. freeandfun1's Avatar
    went to plant world yesterday and it was packed! :-)

    Keep up the good job! I'm down 32 as of today.