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VLCD12 Thumbs UP

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Glorious grey, cloudy morning in the desert.
Weigh in this morning and I could not believe what I saw. So much so, that I actually went back into reweigh myself five minutes after the first weigh in. A drop of 1.8 lbs. I said to myself... for real? It's some incentive to stay on the straight and narrow, that is.
I'm enjoying reading all the blogs here and picking up tips and tricks, struggles and triumphs.
Researching a little about Phase 3 and 4. Taking a look at information regarding calories in/calories out theory vs. the types of food choices and the effect of sugars on the body and insulin levels.
Is anyone out there in P3 or P4 who is not doing dairy or gluten. I'm thinking that I may attempt to travel that path in the future and could certainly use some links and information on how to maintain such a plan.
Happy melting.

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