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VLCD9 What a trip

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So here I sit at the end of VLCD9. Down 7.4 lbs overall. Even all the water drinking seems to get easier. I've sort of figured out that it is easier for me if I get 2 large glasses of water down first thing in the morning and then pace the drinking.
I can honestly say that I am enjoying eating the P2 foods. I've always loved veggies, not so much of a fruit gal. But I do eat the fruit to stay on protocol. Much rather would have more veggies than fruit.
I find that I'm not enjoying my coffee as much as I used to. And I had always craved coffee.
I had an incredible energy burst yesterday morning. Not sure where it came from, but it was a fun ride.
I do get hungry occasionally but it passes. Looking forward to week two.

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  1. rnmomwife's Avatar
    Thanks for the post ! I love the inspiration that this forum gives. I am on VLCD #1 and not hungry yet, so must have "loaded" well. Keep up the great work and the motivating blogs.
  2. Vineeta's Avatar
    Thanks for the visit. I too find the forum very helpful. Love looking through posts and searching for information and eating ideas. Hope you have a great hcg journey.