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  1. Day 8.... Going great until I fainted.

    Today I fainted
    I have been doing so well on HCG until today, I was standing in the kitchen at families house and I fainted. I woke up super thirsty and they told me to eat bread and crackers and Gatorade. I am so mad!!! If I wouldn't have fainted I would have gone no days without cheating! I have lost 8 lbs and I don't want to gain that back!
  2. What did you eat for your loading days?

    What did you eat for your loading days? I am just curious. Here is what I ate:

    3 egg omelette, with spinach, tomatoes, and mushroom. 1 large avocado, 1 piece of toast
    Breve latte

    Mid-Morningsnack: banana, peanut butter smoothie, with with whole milk

    Homemade burrito bowl- Blackbeans, brown rice, steak,cilantro,salsa,avocado, sour cream,cheese.

    Afternoon snack: popcorn with butter, coconut ...

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  3. Ice cream :)

    Today I am on day 6, I am down 8 lbs!

    So far I haven't had any trouble with food cravings or hunger, but last night....
    I went to a friends birthday party. There was pizza
    But they also made an "ice cream bar." It was a cute idea, different ice creams to chose from, they even had ice creams for the lactose intolerant and a whole bunch of toppings. I kept myself in the corner with two of my friends who have Celiacs ( I know they wouldn't try to talk me ...