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Ice cream :)

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Today I am on day 6, I am down 8 lbs!

So far I haven't had any trouble with food cravings or hunger, but last night....
I went to a friends birthday party. There was pizza
But they also made an "ice cream bar." It was a cute idea, different ice creams to chose from, they even had ice creams for the lactose intolerant and a whole bunch of toppings. I kept myself in the corner with two of my friends who have Celiacs ( I know they wouldn't try to talk me into eating ice cream and pizza). After hours of playing fishbowl ( it's kind of like sherades) mafia and guesstures and other games I left and the only thing I consumed was just black coffee and water. I was so tempted to eat ice cream! I mean there was so much ice cream! And it looked so cute, And pizza,it looked good. But I decided not the eat it. This morning in Church, I thought about ice cream, chocolate to be specific. And last night all I dreamt about was food. I dreamt me and one of my friends were eating snacks in her office, another friend of mine was eating a chicken salad sandwich, I also dreamt of walking past a clown as I walked into Target....and he was eating brownies.

Has anyone ever tried the dole whips at Disneyland ? never in my life have I thought about ice cream so much.... I know I am doing so well. I want this so bad, I am almost there to the finish line!
I need to be strong. Resist the temptation. I am almost to phase 3.

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  1. AimMee's Avatar
    CONGRATS! It's hard to resist, especially in social settings like that. You did an awesome job!
  2. Leez's Avatar
    Thought I'd post this for those who might come along and read this blog:

    I made "ice cream" on P2 from my fruit and bit of allowed whole milk that tastes like a creamsickle bar! It got me through some major ice cream cravings. I daily bless the lovely lady who made a youtube video about this idea.

    Frozen segments of one orange
    1 T. whole milk
    4-6 drops Vanilla Cream Stevia (I used Cappella Vanilla Custard and a mini-measure of powdered stevia extract)
    dash salt

    Process with a powerful blender for best texture. I used a hand blender because I'm lazy, and it worked fine for me if I softened the frozen fruit in the microwave for 30 seconds first. This is nice with strawberries too, but the orange is my fave.
    Updated June 21st, 2014 at 08:08 AM by Leez