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We should be proud

Hello, I need some help please

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You all beautifull people. ....

So many great stories. It gives me a lot of courage to read you all. I have been on the drops for 20 days and today I cheated.

I eat chocolate and cereal bars, around 900 calories. I don't know what to do next. Was thinking to do a correction day but I a reading many different posts about it.

I have to say that I am not very overweighted but had a really sick relationship with food for a very long time, lately maintained a healthy weight but decided to take the drops to get rid of bad habits (diet coke/ sugar/ coffee addict). I still can't believe I stayed 3 weeks without chocolate and diet coke.

I know I can't turn back time, but the guilt is killing me, I had to vent.

Thanks to all for reading, you are all very brave women.

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  1. Rusty's Avatar
    You are just going to have to forgive yourself and move on. The rest of today is still here, and tomorrow is another day. Just recommit, and look at what triggered your need for the carbs. You did do 3 weeks, and that is awesome (I've met folks who couldn't do 3 days VLC)!

    Keep on trucking, you aren't the first who ever "cheated" and won't be the last!
  2. We should be proud's Avatar
    Thanks for your words Rusty you will be happy to know that after the "chocolate" incident I came back on track and decided to carry on until I finished the drops. The best part is the scale did not move at all, the same 118 than yesterday, I will not do the correction day for this but I have read several comments about them and it looks like a very good option when the scale does not want to move for several days.

    Thanks again for the support and will keep you posted.