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The Spring Break is coming! The Spring Break is coming!

vlcd 3 and dissapointed

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So I weighed myself this morning and...well....148.8

That's a 2.9 drop if i'm counting the load weight. (without load it's only a 1.3lb drop)

Since this is the third day of vlcd I guess I expected a better drop :/ I went to the caf after my weigh in for breakfast with my brother and was SO CLOSE to having some french toast with him, I even put some on my plate so I could smell it. In the end, I made my brother eat it all as soon as we sat down so I wouldn't be even more tempted. I had a 1/2 grapefruit instead and it tasted SO GOOD.

Plan for today:


800-1/2 grapefruit

1030-green salad w/ apple cider vinegar



300-green salad w/ apple cider vinegar



I'm hopeful that adding the grapefruit will speed the weight loss a bit, and the apple cider vinegar is supposed to help with hunger

Until tomorrow...

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Updated March 19th, 2012 at 01:12 PM by WhoDatGirl



  1. Kellep's Avatar
    Have you been drinking green tea? I have twice per day and I don't know if that is what makes a difference or not, but it seems to be helping me. Good luck.
  2. WhoDatGirl's Avatar
    Thanks Kellep! I didn't drink the tea yesterday, but anything that might work i shall try today
  3. scientistmac's Avatar
    You're only eating 1 protein portion (ie chicken). You should def be eating 2!
  4. WhoDatGirl's Avatar
    Oh trust me scientistmac, I would not be giving up my chicken for anything! haha I just ate the two portions at the same time. I didn't have the opportunity to bring it to school with me, so I figured I could eat it together at the end of the day since I don't eat the grissini and people say, if you don't eat that you can replace it with protein. It seemed to work well so far