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Whole Foods Eater

  1. Progress Diary

    I did stall for four days, stuck at 230. It may have been because I'd had tomatoes and shrimp, or maybe I was at a previous set point of some kind -- but I did do an apple day yesterday and it worked. So today I was down to 228.

    Tomorrow I'll see if that stays off or was a fluke.

    Have read that apple days are all about water and that they aren't recommended. I didn't find that info until after I'd done it (and done it wrong!) so was relieved to have lost. My naturopath ...
  2. Teas For the Win!

    I'm a foodie, even when it comes to teas! Here are some teas I think are really helpful (at least they are for me). I've always used these, but it's great that I can continue to use them while on protocol. Just thought I'd share them.

    Stacy's Tea List

    Numi Chocolate Pu'er Tea (Good with Stevia and Cinnamon)
    Numi Broccoli Cilantro Savory Tea
    Numi Tomato Mint Savory Tea
    Numi Beet Cabbage Tea
    Numi Aged Earl Grey
    Tulsi Organic Sweet Rose ...
  3. Resources

    Just want to remember this article about thyroid and weight loss Grammy posted: