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I did stall for four days, stuck at 230. It may have been because I'd had tomatoes and shrimp, or maybe I was at a previous set point of some kind -- but I did do an apple day yesterday and it worked. So today I was down to 228.

Tomorrow I'll see if that stays off or was a fluke.

Have read that apple days are all about water and that they aren't recommended. I didn't find that info until after I'd done it (and done it wrong!) so was relieved to have lost. My naturopath has told me only Granny Smith apples, because they are more fiber and help with detox, so I tend to believe they are doing something, but I didn't actually find myself eliminating much water. I was concerned in fact, that I wasn't getting rid of enough.

It's possible that the apple days will only work for me on this first round. Crossing fingers there's another fat release tomorrow morning. Oh, and also I was really freezing yesterday. Made the cab driver turn on the heat, and he thought I was some kind of crazy-girl.

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  1. scalephobia's Avatar
    Hey Whole foods - don't worry about stalls. They come and go. Through P2 I lost close to 30 lbs (28.6 or something like that). I had stalls almost every week for at least a couple days - sometimes longer. At the end of the week though - was always down.

    I also did an apple day. It was pretty useless in the long run. Lost a couple pounds - but they came back then they went away and more came off. Judging by the whole 6 week round - it was same as any other week - just a weird day when I nearly went off apples (lol). I found the only way to get off a stall when you're POP - is to wait. It passes. My scales always jumped down significantly at the end of a stall (ie: l lb, then next day 2 lbs, then next day 3 lbs for a total of 5 after a stall).

    Freezing - I believe - is a good sign and pretty normal for P2. HCG does make you more susceptible to changes in temperature. I noticed that on the days I was really cold - my losses were better. Don't know if that's across the board with everyone - but it was with me.