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Teas For the Win!

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I'm a foodie, even when it comes to teas! Here are some teas I think are really helpful (at least they are for me). I've always used these, but it's great that I can continue to use them while on protocol. Just thought I'd share them.

Stacy's Tea List

Numi Chocolate Pu'er Tea (Good with Stevia and Cinnamon)
Numi Broccoli Cilantro Savory Tea
Numi Tomato Mint Savory Tea
Numi Beet Cabbage Tea
Numi Aged Earl Grey
Tulsi Organic Sweet Rose Tea (Good with Stevia)
Tazo Berryblossom White Tea
Yogi Vital Energy Tea (has black pepper, fennel and mint)
Tazo China Green Tips
Tazo Om (renamed Peach Cucumber) Tea
Republic of Tea Cardamom Cinnamon

Most of these are fragrant and delicious without being sweetened, but the chocolate, rose, and cinnamon teas I sometimes add stevia to.

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