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I am on day 23vlcd and I have had a crazy weight gain over the last couple days about 5.2 pounds. And I havent gone off the diet, in fact I havent had my grissini stick or melba toast for a couple days before hand. I am going to assume that it is water weight and carry on with the diet and see where it takes me. Before I was at 33.2 pound loss and now I am back to 28.0 pound loss, weird, I cannot think of anything....
So I have been noticing that I am more tired at night, like hey Brandon lets go to bed... and I am already out, kinda tired.
I am excited because I only have another three weeks to go and then I can start eating hamburgers.... Well at least the meat and ketchup.
I have been having a little more "cravings" just when I am around other people and there food, like when I went out with my friends to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the ufc fights and they all got wings, I was tempted to get some, and some alcohol. But then I thought that I would lose all the weight I could and then eventually I could indulge another time and make it more worth it.

Not too much to say just the weird weight gain....

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