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Stabilizing time WITH PICS

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I just finished my round last week monday and I am glad to say I have lost 52 pounds, its crazy, how much different my body is from last time. My waist went to size 36/38 I think in Junoir High was the last time I weighed and had such a little waist. Shirts especially, even the just plain XL are huge on me. It is a great feeling.
I did have more bumps on this journey than last time, just with stalls and my own fault of trying rum while on P2. I wouldnt recommend it to ANYONE EVER!!!! Compared to whats at stake, I mean why sacrifice anymore time to being fat/ obese, hasnt it been long enough? For me it has been, and I regret everyday that I drank that little bit of RUM. But it is over and I am happy but maybe another 10 pounds could have been lost instead....?
So I am really happy the only thing is I now do 6 full weeks of stabilizing to solidify the results, it worked for me last time, I kept the weight off for 10+ months, but then winter combined with ALOT of alcohol and Two double cheeseburgers and two orders of fries, that $h!t never helps.
I am posting pictures for before and after.
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  1. conejoazul's Avatar
    Congratulations on such a big loss! Sounds like you have the right outlook and mindset to make it through this next phase with flying colors! Good luck to you.