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  1. P1 Update

    So far this round, I have had to make some adjustments and still trying to figure out if I have to make more.
    However as I am on my journey now my Protocol is going well and I am losing at a very successful rate.

    I started with a three day load (125 iu's injected intramuscular into the buttocks), on the the fourth day I started the Protocol staying with the 125 iu's injection, I felt a little "empty" but no hunger pains. I attributed that from the effects of the ...
  2. Vegetable servings and other protocol questions

    Hello All,
    So as I am going over the manual obsessively as I do before I do anything, whether it be the first time or the 100th time. I am starting to realize some items that I have questions about.

    1st How many grams per serving do you use for vegetables? I usually used the 100 gram rule as for the meat. However I have been noticing some other sites and just looking up the information on google it tends to be more. Some go by the CUP rule, or half cup for asparagus (which ...
  3. Stabilizing time WITH PICS

    I just finished my round last week monday and I am glad to say I have lost 52 pounds, its crazy, how much different my body is from last time. My waist went to size 36/38 I think in Junoir High was the last time I weighed and had such a little waist. Shirts especially, even the just plain XL are huge on me. It is a great feeling.
    I did have more bumps on this journey than last time, just with stalls and my own fault of trying rum while on P2. I wouldnt recommend it to ANYONE EVER!!!! Compared ...

    Updated June 25th, 2012 at 08:04 PM by Woodrow

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  4. Working Out

    Has anyone had a certain type of exercise for lifting weights they do?
    I did a fast twitch muscle exercise I was reading about, you load the bar up with 20-30% of your max weight and then you lift it for eight sets at three reps a piece...
    And if you did what kind of results did you get from it, water weight gain, stalls etc...

    Thank you

  5. Craziness

    I am on day 23vlcd and I have had a crazy weight gain over the last couple days about 5.2 pounds. And I havent gone off the diet, in fact I havent had my grissini stick or melba toast for a couple days before hand. I am going to assume that it is water weight and carry on with the diet and see where it takes me. Before I was at 33.2 pound loss and now I am back to 28.0 pound loss, weird, I cannot think of anything....
    So I have been noticing that I am more tired at night, like hey Brandon ...
  6. Second Round

    It has been awhile since I have been on here from my first round. I ended up losing 61.6 pounds on my first round and even lost a little afterwards just from maintaining and getting back into lifting weights. I was really happy how easy it was to lose this weight, the only time I felt tempted to cheat was when I did not have my dosage correct. But I never cheated, I kept thinking losing x amount of weight was better than eating a meal that would temporarily satisfy my hunger. So I am very happy ...
  7. First round and loving it!!!

    I am new here and wanted to give anyone who reads this a little back story to me.
    I have been in sports since 6th grade, I have played football, baseball, hockey/ travel hockey, wrestling and practice kuntaw.
    I have always been heavy since 6th grade, a lack of nutritional guidance from my parents, but when I got older I learned what was good and what was bad. Then I learned what tasted good. I always worked out and ate better than I did when I was growing up. I would maintain my weight, ...