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Vegetable servings and other protocol questions

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Hello All,
So as I am going over the manual obsessively as I do before I do anything, whether it be the first time or the 100th time. I am starting to realize some items that I have questions about.

1st How many grams per serving do you use for vegetables? I usually used the 100 gram rule as for the meat. However I have been noticing some other sites and just looking up the information on google it tends to be more. Some go by the CUP rule, or half cup for asparagus (which I love) and I have seen that the grams can vary from 100, 128, up to 150.
Has anyone figured this part out yet? I am hoping to get answers for weighing my veggies in grams.

2nd I usually do the first 3 injections as my 3 "gorging/ loading" days, since it states that the first 3 injections are usually ineffective to start. However as I came across a paragraph later in the manual it talked about how only 2 days were spent "gorging/ loading".
So I am curious as to what your experiences might be with this.

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  1. LylaLexie's Avatar
    I usually only do 2 loading days as I believe that is what is said in the original “Pounds and Inches” protocol. I don’t think I could do three says of loading, by the end of day 2 I feel SO bloated and gross! :-P

    I also have heard the “cup of veggies” rule and I try to stick to it. That being said, vegetables have very little calories, so if I am hungry and have to choose between cheating or eating more veggies, I’d much rather eat more veggies. I have noticed (this is just for me personally) if I eat an extra cup or so of vegetables a day, it really helps cut down on my hunger pangs/cravings and doesn’t seem to affect my losses much, if at all. :-)

    I’m sorry I can’t give you the answer in grams!