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7 injections left!

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7 injections left!!! So after yesterdays 1.2 gain and talking the prescribed water pill...down 1.4lbs today. I am supposed to take another 1/2 a pill today so I sure am hoping i see 204 tomorrow! A new number I havent seen before. I am thinking about asking the doctor to do a few more days of injections. She told me the last time if I want to loose a few more pounds she could give me some more injections...depending on how crazy I am by day 23...I will think about it By writing this blog everyday I feel like my thoughts are a lot more organized and its great reading everyone elses too! Have a great weekend!

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  1. woohoo's Avatar
    Down .8 after taking another 1/2 of a waterpill yesterday morning. I guess I will see if it keeps coming off.