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Day11:Phase 2

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Day I loathe u! Had my check in with the doctor today and it is fantastic..her scale is 2 lbs less than mine! lol Although i think I will still go by mine. I went down .8 today making the week total 2.4lbs (from Saturday) I asked the doc about me being nauseous all the time and of course she asked ...are u pregnant?? lol I told her no and this happens every time I have done the diet. So she told me to take gravol but said my dose is just fine. Seeing that every food but apple and strawberries has grossed me out she said i could try no fat cottage cheese. So cottage cheese on lettuce with an apple for brunch today. Hopefully this will not effect my weightloss. I guess I will find out tomorrow morning when i jump on the scale. And if it does on goes the pinching of the nose to get the food down. If anyone has any recipes pleassee pass them my way!!

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