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Fat Fast Experiment

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So, being the crazy experimental gal in the kitchen, I ended up trying one things too many resulting in a surprise (well, not really surprising) gain the next few mornings, putting me a few above LDW. So I decided to try the new hype... Fat fast! And here's how I did it, and the results.

Day 1: roughly 1000-1200 calories
Breakfast: Coconut mousse
Lunch: Coconut mousse
Dinner: Coconut mousse

Snacks: heap loads of green tea with coconut oil

Comment: I could tell when I hit ketosis - my breath was awful, and I could feel my temperature burning up. I was sweating, even with my AC on.

Day 2: 1200-1500 calories
Morning weigh in: 3 lbs GONE! (VERY shocked)
Breakfast: Eggs
Post work out: protein shake
Lunch: Mousse
Dinner: Mousse

Snacks: Green tea with coconut oil

Comments: well, I added protein because I was lifting today. I think that had something to do with being in ketosis because I didn't really feel the ketosis breath or the temperature rise, so I didn't expect much re. the scale the next morn.

Day 3: .6 gone, ahh well
2000 calories
Breakfast: coconut mousse
Lunch: coconut mousse
Dinner: coconut mousse

Snack: green tea with coconut oil and had some defatted peanut butter flour mixed with MCT oil for a more ketogenic friendly PB snack... er... meal. I sort of ate, a lot.

Comments: Today: Well, as I expected, I gained back that .6 from all the calories yesterday. 2000 calories is more like a fat indulgence, not fast. Oh well.

Final review: So the first day worked flawlessly, I entered ketosis immediately, and could feel it. I think though its because I was not in ketosis before, the first day is always the winner. Especially with coconut/mct oil. Second day, I think the protein and working out stalled a bit, and third day I caved into the PB+MCT oil, ahhh well. I enjoyed it, so I don't regret it. Anyways, 3 pounds gone from my fat fast, and 1.5 inches off - I'll take it and run!

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  1. Tammy1007's Avatar
    I notice alot of people take the coconut oil. Where do you find information on that?
  2. Steveo's Avatar
    I like it! Great idea!