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Hcg... a miracle? My story with hcg

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Those of you who know my story, know how thankful I am to come across HCG. It has really been a miracle in my life, and sometimes I wonder how a girl my age could grow up and enjoy life the way I used to live. If you aren't familiar with my history, I'll give you a briefing.

I started crash dieting when I was 17. I developed an eating disorder due to a bad relationship, and lost about 20 pounds in a couple months. I was never over weight to begin with, so it was an apparent and unhealthy loss, noted by teachers and friends at school. After that, my body became severely messed up –periods stop, and suffered extreme dizziness, and fainting spells. Was in and out of the ER for blacking out several times. Blood work up showed severe anemia, and other vitamin/mineral deficiencies. But I didn’t care. I dropped my calories further. I can't remember the specific number, but I do remember hitting about 400-600 at one point. One thing I do remember well is counting out raisins and calling it a breakfast.

I moved out of my home at 18, and went to the UK. The homesickness of being in another country caused my eating disorder to swing in the other direction - comfort eating. I used to buy whole pizzas, bags of chips, bags of candy, and eat alone in my room, the next day, eat nothing. The cycle continued. Alcohol and cigarettes became good friends, too. But I knew this had to stop. So I called it quits, and booked a flight home.

I joined an eating disorder clinic, and a gym. Although I returned to a more healthy weight, I kept restricting calories and doing heavy exercise, and eventually the cycle started back up again. I had completely forgotten about periods at this point – because I had not had them in so long. I visited with several doctors and gynos, and raised the issue of a possible metabolic or hormonal disorder due to my past of extreme dieting. They wrote it off, and instead told me that I had ammenorhea, and that "most athletes" go through this, and it was "okay." I was prescribed progesterone to induce periods, which made me feel “drunk”, and depressed. Moved on to birth control. No improvement.

And yet, I insisted that the problem was deeper than ammenorhea, a possible metabolic disorder or hormonal disorder due to my history of extreme dieting. I had a few blood tests done – hormones were showed out of wack. I tested for t3 and t4 and thyroid metabolism, which came back as normal.

Yet I refused to believe it. So I researched. And researched - medical books, fitness and nutrition articles, physiology studies and papers. I took up some nutrition and biology classes in school, and visited with fitness trainers and health supervisors. Anything that involved "exercised induced ammenorhea" or "metabolic disorder from excessive dieting" directly related to my situation. I came to the conclusion that my body had been in starvation mode for the past few years, from calorie restriction. My body did not have enough nutrition to support my menstrual cycle, therefore shutting it down. I brought my information to the doctors, who told me my sources were not qualified and that starvation mode is a myth. And yet, they continued to prescribe me pills and hormones.

But I was fed up. I knew the problem was rooted deeper than simple “ammenorhea,” yet no one had answers. I was not getting periods, had wacky hormones and mood swings, easily gained weight despite working out. I was just hitting my 20s, and this is NOT the way I planned to spend the next decade of my life.

Well, I did more research and this is when I discovered HCG, late July of 2011. I did not tell anyone about it. I read up, and spoke to a few members on this forum. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but all the success stories led me to believe hcg does something. I ordered my pellets, and began my round. Oddly enough, I noticed spotting one day. My periods started up again. My second period was 6 weeks from the first. My third period was 4 weeks away from the second. I noticed they were becoming more synchronized, and I knew hcg was doing something for my body, besides the weight loss.

When I hit p3, I continued my work outs and began lifting again. I had a metabolism test, which came out with an RMR of 1700, a TDEE of roughly 2500. This is 1500 more calories than I used to eat to maintain my weight. I am convinced that hcg has thoroughly reset my system. I no longer have ammenorhea, nor anemia. I do not take birth control, or progesterone, or any prescribed pills from anyone. I finally broke the news to my parents as to what I was doing for the past month. They were completely shocked.

Hcg has been a miracle. I have closed (and locked) the door to 4 years of extreme dieting and eating disorders, clinics, doctors appointments, hormone pills, birth control, etc. I don’t want to look back, I just want to move forward. Stress and comfort eating will always be a challenge, but isn’t it for everyone? Who doesn’t love to dig into a bowl of mac n cheese, or a steaming hot roll, or pizza? We just have to learn to enjoy the small bites, and laugh at ourselves if we over indulge, and most importantly, to move on if we slip up, because we can’t change the past, but we can change the future if we keep moving forward and learning from our mistakes.
I will be 21 next week, and this is really one of the best gifts to receive. The ability to eat normal amounts of food without gaining weight, go to the gym when I want and enjoy a good work out. And most of all, to live. Just live, as any other 21 year old girl would. I'm not a slave to the gym anymore. I don't obsessively count calories. I get periods like any normal girl, and I have no need for eating disorder clinics, doctors, endochrinologists, progesterone or birth control. It feels, to say the least, amazing.

This is my story. I am so thankful for hcg, and everyone on this forum. The support and encouragement is so abundant, and without you guys, this diet would have been so much harder. Thanks for reading my story, and good luck with your hcg journey 

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  1. Nyisha27's Avatar
    Im so touched by your story and I am so happy you have found hcg.....HCG is saving my life as well and I can relate. I was on the verge of Weight Loss Surgery until i found this diet. I have lost 28 pds in 40 days nothing has ever worked like HCG has. ppl are noticing my glow and I am loving the way i feel. So congrats to you for living again. Best of luck to you!!!!1
  2. love2snorkel's Avatar
    Turning 21 is such an awesome time, I am so glad you have double the reason to celebrate. Thanks for sharing your incredible story! I hope you also learned what a smart woman you are and to appreciate your ability to research instead of settling for what others believe is the only truth. Kudos to you and happiest of birthdays for many years to come!!

  3. XspenceX's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Thank you so much.

    Nyisha, congrats on your weight loss! That is a great amount to lose in 40 days! And I'm so glad that you have discovered hcg too, because it would be waaay better than going through surgery, with all its possible complications! Keep up the great work.

    Love2snorkel, thank you! If there's anything I learned, it is to trust my own instincts, because I know my body better than anyone, and with a little research and investigation, knowledge can be a powerful tool. Thanks for b-day wishes!

    Good luck, guys : )
  4. daisies2win's Avatar
    Great story and Happy Birthday!
  5. emross82's Avatar
    This is amazing and I can totally relate. This will be my last "diet" and I have been losing and gaining for 15 years. up down..way up..way down, new diets, new exersices, too low of calories, binge days followed my no eating days...I just want to feel normal, to be normal. To eat birthday cake on my birthday and not flip out and binge for two days straight. To keep an eye on the scale and cut back for a day or two when it gets out of hand. I really hope my metabolism was reset, and I really enjoy reading other peoples posts,especially ones with experiences close to mine. Congrats on your new found peace with your body and mind.