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I'm having a little affair...

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with coconut oil.


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  1. mommy4's Avatar
    Could you explain to me the ways and amounts you use? Thanks
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    LMAO . . . that coconut oil sure does get around . . . if only you knew his brother . . . coconut manna . . . oh my!!
  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    I love that pic by the way . . . can I borrow it?
  4. Tate's Avatar
    Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about the coconut manna, Mel! I'm definitely going to pick some up soon. I used it in Round 1 with no issue.
  5. XspenceX's Avatar
    Lol - I have yet to try coconut manna! Thanks for reminding me. Just can't seem to find it anywhere - Trader Joes perhaps? Ahhh here I come. Say bye to your coconut manna ladies, there's a coconut theft on the loose... ; )

    @ Mommy4: Coconut oil has so many benefits, I posted some links in my other post - the fat fast experiment post. You can read up on coconut oil, and also MCT oil which makes up 65% of coconut fat. You hear all the buzz of coconut oil due to its super fast ability to be converted to energy in the body. It is a medium chain fat, so easily broken down by body, the preferred source of energy. Bypasses digestive system, goes straight to liver for energy, it is very hard to store this kind of fat - your body has no use for it, from a nutritional stand point. I read an experiment about over feeding the various types of fats... Long chain vs. medium chain. The group of long chain gained .58 in their fat stores, the medium chain only gained .1!

    Anyways, if you check out the links on my other post, you can find more info! Those are just the basics above. Enjoy!
  6. mommy4's Avatar
    Tried it today and was very pleasantly surprised....cooked some onions in it and it was fab! Totally felt like I was having a wild cheating moment!
  7. XspenceX's Avatar
    Yeah! Its great. You can also fry with it - dip your foods in egg whites, then in coconut flour or some other flour, then fry in the oil. Or, coconut oil on eggs is sooo good. Or, add 1/2 T or 1 T to your morning coffee or tea... + some milk and sweetener... I can't start my day without this : ) Oh my gosh, so many recipes!