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Boo HCG!! BOO!!!

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LD1: 141.2
LD2: 141.0 (-0.2)
VLCD1:142.6 (+1.5)
VLCD2: 139.9 (-2.7)
VLCD3: 137.9 (-2.0)
VLCD4: 137.5 (-0.4)
VLCD5: 137.8 (+0.5)
VLCD6: 137.9 (+0.1)

Ok....I have to admit, I was REALLY hoping not to run into any stalls. That being said, I'm not unreasonable; I understand that these things happen. Your body tends to stall right around a weight that you've once been comfortable at. It's ok....breathe...

But...COME ON! We're eating 500 calories a day people!! Something has got to give!

I don't think it's necessary to do an apple day - everything I've read says it's just psychological anyway, and the weight you lose is just water weight. The only things that I've eaten that are even REMOTELY off protocol are mustard and a can of tuna - which are both technically on protocol, as long as the tuna is packed in water, from what I understand.

You're killing me in HCG...

On a positive note, I measured myself this morning and am down about an inch to inch and a half on my waist, hips, etc. However, those measurements fluctuate for me in general, even when I'm not on HCG. If I skip dinner, I can lose a good inch and a half overnight...conversely, if I eat a big dinner or too much salty food, I'll bloat up like Violet Beauregarde after a bucket of magical blueberries, so I'm not counting any chickens before those eggs have hatched.


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  1. MaryContrary's Avatar
    Can I make a suggestion? I know I'm new to hcg but I read about taking some Coconut Oil. for three days in a row I weighed in at the same. then I put a tablespoon in my morning coffee, and used it to saute shrimp that evening for supper. the next day I was down .5 --not much--but after three days at the same weight I'll take it!
    I read about it here: http://www.hcgdietcanada.com/apps/bl...-vlcd-approved
    p.s. this is my first post here!
  2. julief's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry yet But if it lasts more than 2 days I would do a bits and pieces day..Make 12 ounces of chicken or fish and eat it in smalll amounts throughout the day with no fruit or melba..You will most surely lose.
  3. yayhowfun's Avatar
    12 oz?? That's almost double what we typically have in a day right?? Well, I suppose taking out the fruit helps. I haven't yet heard about a bits and pieces day...but I like the sound of it! Thanks!