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Come on!!!

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LD1: 141.2
LD2: 141.0 (-0.2)
VLCD1:142.6 (+1.5)
VLCD2: 139.9 (-2.7)
VLCD3: 137.9 (-2.0)
VLCD4: 137.5 (-0.4)
VLCD5: 137.8 (+0.5)
VLCD6: 137.9 (+0.1)
VLCD7: 136.7 (-1.2)
VLCD8: 135.6 (-1.1)
VLCD9: 135.1 (-0.5)
VLCD10: 135.3 (+0.2)
VLCD11: 134.7 (-0.6)
VLCD12: 134.5 (-0.2)
VLCD13: 134.5 (0.0)
VLCD14: 134.2 (-0.3)
VLCD15: 133.9 (-0.3)
VLCD16: 133.3 (-0.6)
VLCD17: 134.5 (+1.2)

COME ON!!! Eff this.

Breathe. Breathe.......


Punch something.

SO annoyed. I had tomatoes and shrimp last night for the first time, so I'm guessing this gain is due to water retention or something? I also played tennis for 2 hours yesterday...so I'm sure these things are all related.

Regardless...it is absolutely infuriating that some tomatoes and a match of tennis can affect the scale like that! Geezus! If healthy additions cause weight gain, maybe I should have some cheesecake to drop a quick 5 lbs. DUMB.

I'm doing a steak day today. Haven't eaten anything thus far today, and only coffee, tea, and water to drink. I'll be having some broth shortly - but it's low sodium, so water retention shouldn't be an issue.

Oh, and did I mention? DUMB.

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  1. Running's Avatar
    I had to tell myself something similar this morning. I knew I'd gain from my binge weekend, BUT I didn't expect to gain again, today!!! Hang in there.. You're ALMOST there!