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No need to lie to the DMV.

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I'll admit, last time I got a new driver's license, I did fudge the numbers just a bit when the DMV asked my weight. It was only by 3 or 4 lbs, but every time I pull out my ID to order a drink or get into a club, I'm reminded of my little white lie. (I'm also reminded how fabulous I look with short hair - and often times point it out to the person requesting my ID in the first place...)

I realized this morning that I'm once again stuck in a lie - a terribly, terribly, beautiful lie. I made the drop below my license lying weight this morning, one that I've been striving for since the day they laminated the picture of a hopeful, albeit devious, young girl.

Incidentally, I actually lost my license in Vegas a couple months ago, and I've yet to go get a new one. I think I'll wait a few weeks to do that - apparently, a little lie won't hurt, so why not do it a little longer?

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