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Under Pressure...

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VLCD7: 136.7 (-1.2)
VLCD8: 135.6 (-1.1)
VLCD9: 135.1 (-0.5)

"Pressure....pushin' down on me, pushin' down on you.."

The weekend in San Diego always brings a bouquet of opportunity to drink, eat, and cheat, in the form of parties, pub crawls, and Sunday Funday brunches. Peer pressure is a beast, but I held my own and became the pusher-man instead, encouraging my friends to drink the cocktails I wouldn't. (It would be rude to the vodka to just leave it un-drunk.)

So, after all the peer pressure, bar hopping, sports bar appetizer samplers, and holding strong against the odds, what did I end up? 1.6 lbs down so far, and it's only Sunday...that's what.

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