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Being Proactive

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LD1: 141.2
LD2: 141.0 (-0.2)
VLCD1:142.6 (+1.5)
VLCD2: 139.9 (-2.7)
VLCD3: 137.9 (-2.0)
VLCD4: 137.5 (-0.4)
VLCD5: 137.8 (+0.5)
VLCD6: 137.9 (+0.1)
VLCD7: 136.7 (-1.2)
VLCD8: 135.6 (-1.1)
VLCD9: 135.1 (-0.5)
VLCD10: 135.3 (+0.2)
VLCD11: 134.7 (-0.6)
VLCD12: 134.5 (-0.2)
VLCD13: 134.5 (0.0)
VLCD14: 134.2 (-0.3)
VLCD15: 133.9 (-0.3)
VLCD16: 133.3 (-0.6)

Every day I wake up and run to the scale hoping for a bigger loss than the day before. This morning, we slept in til about 10:30 so I feel like my body had more time to do its thing and ended up with a .6 loss. (Too bad I can't sleep in every day...)

Here's the thing. Yes, I'm losing, but the idea behind this whole thing was to do a 26 day round for a 15 pound loss. At this rate, I have 6.3 pounds left to lose in just 5 more days and I'm looking for a Hail Mary. ...so here's to prayin' for a miracle.

Aside from a miracle, I'm doing what I can to kick my body in high gear - played tennis for a few hours today to burn about 650 calories (and ate some extra protein beforehand to account for it.)

This week I'm trying cottage cheese and maybe eggs to see how my body does. If it goes well and I see big drop, I'll switch out chicken to make one meal beef and one meal the meat-alternative each day.

Here we go...

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  1. CrittleBug's Avatar
    You know you can do an apple day or a protein day. An apple day is where you start at lunch time and eat up to 6 apple until the next day at lunch. You don't eat anything else and you only drink water when your thirsty. A protein day is where you eat your 500 daily calories in only protein, but you can only have one kind of protein. Like cook 5 pieces of 3.5 oz of chicken and eat it throughout the day and drink a lot of water like normal. I do both of these and they both work to help you loose atleast a lb a day. Also I'm not sure how often you use the restroom, but if your not having a bowel movement everyday or every other day that can keep you from loosing weight too. You can also do a couple more days of protocol to get to your goal if you want. Your allowed to go up to 40 days, so if you don't reach your goal, I would just do a couple extra days so you can get there. Well I hope this was helpful and good luck on reaching your goal.