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A Serious Transformation!

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Hey guys! I'm swimming happily along in P3 and having just about reached my goal, I've decided to move forward with another big goal of mine....

<drum roll please...>

I've schedule some elective surgery to..ahem...enhance...certain areas and to, well, shore up some other things as well. I actually created a site and will be blogging about the experience there as well - feel free to check it out - and like it on Facebook! I'm going to let people know that cosmetic surgery isn't just something you do when you don't want to work for the results you want -- that sometimes, it's a means to an end when you've already done all the hard work!

It's called The Good, The Bad, and the Not So Perky!


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  1. pinkprincess's Avatar
    OMG!!!! Please be my guinea pig! I'm having all of this stuff done in January! I'm holding you to the blog because I want to know all of the details! Pain, recovery, everything! I'm planning on doing the lift, implants, and my arms done first. I may then tackle tummy tuck and lower body lift, depending how the first one goes. Keep updated and if it's not too gross, please post picks....or email them to me privately. It's hard for me to imagine my body after all of this. (I'm not perverted, I swear, just type A and over analytical!)
  2. yayhowfun's Avatar
    Haha - thanks for the note! I won't be updating here - so be sure to bookmark my website - http://thenotsoperky.com - and Like The Facebook Page for The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Perky! Also...PLEASE tell people about it! This is my shameless self-promotion as an aspiring writer. And yes - pics...LOTS of them will be posted on the site.
  3. yayhowfun's Avatar
    Oh - and I'd say do the tummy tuck and boobs together. Believe me - you're gonna want to show those boobies off in a bikini top!
  4. Jaimi's Avatar
    I too am planning on the lift, implants and tummy tuck in the near future once I complete my weight loss. I still have another 60 pounds to go, but know I will be there next year. I will also be following your experience to get a better understanding of what I have in store for me. I have has 2 really horrible c-sections so I know what it feel like to go through the surgery but think these procedures are going to be more than that. I will be following you on FB. Good luck in your transformation.