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Slow and steady wins the race.

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LD1: 141.2
LD2: 141.0 (-0.2)
VLCD1:142.6 (+1.5)
VLCD2: 139.9 (-2.7)
VLCD3: 137.9 (-2.0)
VLCD4: 137.5 (-0.4)
VLCD5: 137.8 (+0.5)
VLCD6: 137.9 (+0.1)
VLCD7: 136.7 (-1.2)
VLCD8: 135.6 (-1.1)
VLCD9: 135.1 (-0.5)
VLCD10: 135.3 (+0.2)
VLCD11: 134.7 (-0.6)
VLCD12: 134.5 (-0.2)
VLCD13: 134.5 (0.0)
VLCD14: 134.2 (-0.3)

Alright...I get it, okay? I do. I'm doing the right things; I'm waiting this thing out. I know that every day can't be a huge loss, that yes, I'm still losing, and that as long as I'm not gaining, I'll be fine. But...you know. I'm impatient.

Seriously impatient.

Illustration #1: When I started watching Grey's Anatomy, I was 3 seasons behind the actual TV show. I wanted to know what happened so badly that I couldn't even wait to drive to the video store and rent the next season - I actually found the episode wiki and just read all the episode recaps. I'm not kidding.

Illustration #2: Right before I started HCG, I ordered drops online. I waited two days and when they didn't arrive, I called every drug store in the surrounding area until I found one that carried them and had them in stock so I didn't have to wait 18 more hours to get them. I paid twice as much for the in-store bottle, after I'd already paid for them online. My other bottle came the next day.

That being said, I do expect (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc,) a decent loss tomorrow. I had my fruit earlier in the day instead of at night, and I ate dinner and such by 7:30 or 8. I played tennis for a bit yesterday and I'm doing push ups and (maybe) abs tonight. I also got back on the beef train...wow, SO many jokes to be made there. I noticed that I lose more when eating red meat - which, I might note, is extremely odd, or at least seems counter-intuitive - so I've been trying to eat that more. (Plus, I got the good grass fed stuff.)

Sidebar - things that are weird:

1.) No reaction to Magnesium Citrate...NONE.
2.) Craving sweet stuff
3.) Stevia tastes like a baby duck $hiT in my mouth. Gross.

Ooh! In my next blog, I'll talk about my (potential) new boobies!

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