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yep yep I can

VLCD 5...down 9 pounds

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Well things have been going great....until TOM showed up... Really! Eerrggg... I have only lost .6 the last two days. I hope it picks back up and I don't lose my biggest weight loss days to TOM. But guess I cannot say to much almost ten pounds gone since load weight and 2 more days left of week 1. Hope your all hanging in there

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  1. beach girl's Avatar
    Omg! I know Tom is crazy! Last year on 40 day round I had it once for like 10 days then got it again the next week then like a week after that! I guess it's normal, was doing drops, this time I started injections on Friday , which was day after it ended, on vlcd4, I'm wondering how this will differ from drops
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    I am sure you will loose soon. Good luck I know .6 only will make you crazy. Hang in there you will see a gig loss really soo. Stay POP
  3. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Beach girl.... I do drops and mine is usually just the 5 days (Thank goodness), but yeah it really affects my losses. I hope the injections work better for you!!

    Tomwilla....Thanks and yes POP that is my goal!