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yep yep I can


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Down another 2.2 pounds! After getting hurt at work I really packed on some pounds. I need to lose 20 just to get to my lowest weight, and then I am hoping for ten more after that! I am doing light walking and it seems to be helping so far . I just need to keep my head in it this time. My last round I quit almost immediately and just ate and ate...time to woman up and get back to it!

Lowest weight --161.2

Start weight 179.0
Load day1---180.4
Load day2---181.2

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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    I too am looking to loose 30 lbs, so far down 15, but did some major cheating yesterday, so there will be a set back boo
  2. yep yep I can's Avatar
    Yay on the 15 pounds so far and I hope the cheat isn't a big set back for you. I am trying so hard thia round to not cheat... What day are you on?
  3. tomwilla's Avatar
    11/8-VLCD 18 I am going to try a fat fast for the next few days to get me back on track