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So close. I hope to see the 150's this week. No loss this morning but it's ok. I went to the tanning bed and I also worked out for the first time since starting this. I'm a little pink and a little sore but I'll take it. Got to start reigning in the bat wings and help my butt to not entirely disappear!

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  1. Silver3006's Avatar
    Yay!! So close to the 150's! You can do it! Stay strong!

    Whatcha doin' for a workout?
  2. yesiknit's Avatar
    Hey Silver! Almost there! Two more pounds and I'll be in the 50's. For a workout just the cirucuit machines. Pretty much everything for definition. Doing some squats, decline bench for situps and then arm and legs machines. There is one that you get on your knees and do a kick back against a plate to lift the weight to lift my butt! It's going away. That was the only thing I liked about my weight. had boobs and a butt!