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Down another .4. Two more lbs to the 150's and hit the 15 lbs lost mark too. So a couple of small goals have been met or are about to be. Still hemming and hawing about when to start P3.

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  1. Carol-Marie's Avatar
    Awesome!!!!! I cannot wait to hit that 150' mark (long ride for me but still cannot wait!)!!!! :-)
  2. Tate's Avatar
    Good job! It's hard to know when to transition to P3. I deliberated over that for days! Finally, it just seemed like I was so worn out that I needed the break after 39 days. However, I will say after having my interruption (on P3 for 8 days), I returned to P2 and my losses have been kick started. Since Sunday when I started back again, I've lost 6.5 pound. This including the loss of the 3 lbs. gain from my load meal (margarita and Mexican food!!!), but still....I'm happy with it, and I'm not tired and weak anymore like I was the last few days of P2. I feel like I can do this for another 10 days easily. Just thought I should share that with you.