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I want to scream! Up another 1.4 after three days of up .2 That is two whole freakin pounds! It's the gym, the tanning, not enough water, my eleven year old keeping me up til midnight, no TMI, hell it could be the sweet n low that hubby's been putting in the regular tea. I'm ready to be done but not if I keep on gaining! To top that off I fly down to Miami for three days tomorrow morning. Eating on protocol is managable but the water retention from the flights? No scale? I'll weigh when I get home but I hope to see a loss tomorrow morning before I head out to the airport. Just to keep me motivated while I am gone. Blah Monday Monday

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    You know what? I got on here to post the very same thing. I saw the scale go up today after being perfect yesterday and the day before. I really think it is TOM. I feel slightly puffy. I know I drank a ton of water. I also use Sweet & Low, but it is on the original protocol, so I doubt that's it. I'm sorry. I know it is just beyond frustrating, and I hope you see a great loss tomorrow. Question: Have you started TOM, or are you still waiting? I'm still waiting, and I think that's when the gain happens--the week before, then people sometimes drop right after they start.
  2. yesiknit's Avatar
    Technically I don't get TOM any more. Had an ablation done last year. But it is about the time that I would have gotten it if I would still get it and I'm sure that I still get the side affects from it. Have to remind hubby of that when he wonders why I am being so pissy. I'm going to be good while I'm gone this week for sure. I've got 10 lbs more to lose. Twenty really but I'll take ten at this point. I want some P3 food!
  3. Tate's Avatar
    Wow, I would love to learn more about your ablation experience, if you don't mind sharing. I've considered it, but I'm too chicken and don't know anyone who has done it. Would you say it was successful? Would you do it again? Before HCG, I was having 3 week periods, that were just terrible and painful. Since HCG, the pain is gone and TOM only lasts 7 days. Crazy, but I'm sure it will end once I'm off HCG.

    Yeah, my little return to P2 has been kind of a bust. I lost all of my load weight immediately, but have been going up and down 2 pounds since then and have also had a small, but unfortunate, encounter with some pizza crust and cheese Friday night, which I'm sure didn't help matters. I feel like I have to at least lose 5 new pounds before I will let myself transition back to P3. I refuse to do 2 weeks of P2 with only 2 pounds loss. No way!!!
  4. yesiknit's Avatar
    Hey Tate- I pm'd you the details.
  5. yesiknit's Avatar
    Also, hubby was up today too so maybe it was partly the gym as well.
  6. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    I def think the gym is in full effect here! If yer gaining muscle, or burning too much calories it could be causing the protocol to be 'off'....I REALLY wanted to workout during Ph2, but have decided not to, for fear of what you might be going through right now. Let us know when it gets better, and keep yer head up! You can do this! You're almost there!