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P3 after a few days

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I'm about 5 days into P3 and things are going well. Right now .2 above LDW but the TMI Fairy does not visit very often around here so I'm sure it's fine. I've been eating more of an Atkins approach but not tons of food, just very few carbs. I've decided that this week of P3 will be a planned interruption. Hubby is leaving for Dubai for a month for work and I want that last 10-15 lbs gone by the time he gets home. Plus for much as P2'ers are envious of P3'ers menus, I'm envious that they are still losing! I want to lose more than I want to eat right now. So Sunday is the day to drop hubby at the airport. I'll start drops Sunday morning without him seeing and then call it a mini load (P3foods) day. Will go shopping Sunday on the way home and pick up my fruits and veggies. Back to Chicken and Chicken and Chicken.... ok not really but some days it sure does feel like it.

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  1. shadowcat410's Avatar
    "without him seeing" Is that because you want to surprise him when he returns? If I mention to DH that I want to do another (short) round after vacation in June, he's going to have a coniption. We've already had arguments about extending my first round.

    Ugh. Men. They do not understand the struggles and frustration of weight loss, hormonal imbalance and what it means to be a woman. ::growls:: Pre TOM, much? heehee

    "the TMI fairy" hahaha I love it !
  2. yesiknit's Avatar
    Totally just to surprise him. He just finished P2 and is doing just fine in P3. Says he may do another round in June after our vacation. totally supportive but I want to get my drops started early on Sunday vs later to get it back in my system.