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just plugging along

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Down 1.6 today after a mini steak day. Not protocol I know but I was up 1.8 the day before and for no reason at that. Was very puffy so I chugged the fluids yesterday, had an apple about three strawberries and a 7 oz piece of eye of round with a tomato last night. Going to do something similar today and we'll see where that leaves me tomorrow. I am in hurry up and wait mode for hubby to come home. He'll either be a week early or a week later than originally planned. I just wish we knew when it would be so I can get stuff done and just have a date! I hate not knowing what is going on. Control freak that I am. Well, off to make the tea for the morning.

Happy losing everyone!

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    Your mini-steak-day sounds interesting. I'll have to remember that one if I do another round. So have you kept it totally secret from your husband that you are losing again? Sounds like you are doing really well! Thanks for the update!