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Starting P2 July 3rd Need a Buddy

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Hello Ladies,

I am starting P2 today ... this is my second round and after 6 weeks of P3 I am feeling ready to start losing again. I stabilized well at about .2 above LDW. Now I did gain 6 pounds during loading this time (I lost 8 pounds during loading my first round). My total loss for my first round was 36.8 pounds. I am planning on doing another 42 day round this time as well and want so badly to get into ONEderland haven't seen that since I was a teenager!! So it would be really great to have someone to buddy up with, keep eachother accountable and lend some much needed support as P2 can sometimes become a challenge.


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  1. mcrider1996's Avatar
    Hi. I'll buddy with you. I'm starting round 2. Today is my last loading day. You had a great loss on your last round. I also haven't been in onederland since a teenager.
  2. Kellep's Avatar
    Come join the thread of those starting: forum/groups/july4hloaders.
    Lets do this together, lots of people don't blog, but do the forums for support.