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New Country, New Job, New Home.....heck let's shoot for new body!

Hello All!

I am Deb. I live in the Yucatan, Mexico. 8 months ago my hubby and I moved here from Arizona. My husband owned a construction company for 20 years and alas the economy, as we all know, really beat us up. My husband is 49 and I am 44. We decided to re-invent ourselves. Kids are grown and doing their own thing so why not. My husband is a body builder and his true passion has always been excercise.. so we sent him back to school and he became a certified personal trainer. I obtained my teaching certificate to teach english as a sencond language. We sold everything we own and bought a little home in Merida, Mexico. He has done extremely well. He has several clients and actually started a school helping trainers here get certification. I just got hired on to Merida's largest language school and start teaching classes the end of March.

I have always struggled with weight but I am now at an all-time high. I started the HCG at 295 and I am now down to 290. So off we go...

I look forward to getting any advice .

Good luck to all!!!

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