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New Country, New Job, New Home.....heck let's shoot for new body!

It's Baaaack

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Apparently that extra pound I lost missed it's buddies and decided to return. GRRRRRRRRRR..... So instead of finally hitting 20lb loss I am back down to 18 lbs loss. Somehow I need to break this pack mentality with these darn lbs.

Fly away lbs.... leave the nest.... I have nurtured you now go find a new home...

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  1. bclevi's Avatar
    Best of luck on the motivation and weight loss.
  2. justjoan060's Avatar
    Are you in P2? I just had a 2 day gain, now a 1 lb loss, so I'm back where I was four days ago. Seems to be part of the whole process. Keep on keepin' on!!
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    O, poor baby, that is so frustrating, I know. Maybe tomorrow they'll have flown the coop. Don't get discouraged.