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New Country, New Job, New Home.....heck let's shoot for new body!

loss yay!

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I lost the pound I gained plus one more this morning. I want so much to break the 20 lb mark!!! I was good yesterday but oh my I am actually having fantasies of baked goods! I am PMSing and I usually crave yummy stuff like sweets and pasteries. I ate my evening apple and imagined it was a boston creme pie. Then my hubby sat down next to me and ate bean dip and tortilla chips. I was bubbling with envy and then I fantasized shoving the apple core into his ear giving him apple lobotomy.

I took a valerian and went to sleep. I am contemplating just taking nytol 3 times a day for the next week and sleeping through PMS LOL.

All have a good day

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  1. DtheFashionista's Avatar
    Deb, when I get a sweets craving I take some cinnamon and stevia (a packet of stevia and a few drops of vanilla stevia) slice up my apple real thin and then bake the apple with the cinnamon and stevia a few tablespoons of water in a tinfoil pouch, the apples turn out like the inside of an apple pie. That really helps my sweets cravings. Also for my chocolate cravings I do a teaspoon of cocoa powder with a few drops chocolate stevia in my coffee. Maybe you can try those to get you through the next couple days. TOM can be hell on this diet, but you can do it! Stick too it girl you're going to bypass that 20 marker before you know it!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    So, Deb, did u lose 2 lbs. today? Wow, good for u. U can do this, I'd try what D. said, about the cinnamon and sweetener on apple. I have that almost everyday. It's really delicious and tasty enough for when u're not on protocol. Keep it up, you're doing great. Luv your personality.
  3. yucadeb's Avatar
    Thanks ladies.... I am still looking for stevia here. So far the only sweetner alternative I have found at the stores is sweet and low. There is a GNC at one of the malls.. Maybe I can find some there.. fingers crossed